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I don't mind if you reblog/use my art, but please ask first and link back.

Blog contains: BL;

When they marry one day.

"Their Awaited Reunion Under the Sakura Petals and Wind with Sparkles, and Ran cries: "omg shinichi i waited 5ever for u." and Shinichi responds lovingly: "kabsbhdaksdjjadsd." My title is golden. (´ ∀ `)

Still feeling bummed out. Maybe sleep is the best cure for this type of feeling.

Conan is 13/14 in here, Ran would be…around 22/23, I guess. o3o/ 

[Doujinshi] Good Morning

Short fluff comic based off of the scenario presented in "If one day ever comes". Btw, Conan has no set age, but he might be 13/14 years ish old, since he’s wearing his middle school uniform. o3o/

Read right to left. C: 

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if one day ever comes… 

when Conan is older

when Conan can no longer become Shinichi anymore 
when Ran figures out who Conan really is
when they have to hide that fact from the world 

when Conan proposes to her, but cannot marry her until many years later
when Ran decides to wait for many more years 
and Conan promises to never disappear again… 

…I’ll go and cry myself to sleep. ._. 

(and I’m naming this verse one-day, cus… yea.) 

erp. angst angst angst. -puts rain on them- 8’D;;;