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Kyun | Fanartist (sometimes fanwriter)| KNB

AoKaga, Kisekis (& Kagami) x Kuroko, MidoTaka

I don't mind if you use my art, but please ask first and link back!

Blog contains: BL; multishipping

 (*´ q`*);;;

Pocket Me
Perfect Bound | 60 pgs | Read right to left | English | A 2Planes verse | KidCon with Kaito & Shinichi | R15 to be safe. 

Price: $12

Click here for info! 

I got my doujins yesterday and one of them was the FemShin! Anthology, omigodddd. *q* I love Santaro’s FemShin~ So cute. *__* (And her Kaitos are so hot. askjhds; ) 

Happy early birthday, Pounce! 8D!! 

Read right to left! 

Kiriban picture for Toast! *u* She requested BO!Shinichi/Kid and the theme of allegiance… ha haha. -runs away and rolls into a corner- 

Watched Premium Rush today. It was pretty… okay. (I expected the mob to be more awesome.; come on„ that was sort of lame…;; ) eh. like always, I always tend to draw chars in movies. But wow. I feel really lame today. :U;;; Sorry for a no effort drawing… -sighs- 

Birthday pic for Yami! <33 (Aghjasd I’m so late.;;; ) I drew KaiShin from her rpg verse~ 

Califlair and my first pchat collab ever. We don’t regret doing this. (▼へ▼メ)

I don’t think that’s healthy…(*´-`*) 

Just a warm up drawing on pchat. <3>

A verse idea I had with cards and mafia. *u*;; I’ll drabble about them one of these days. <3;;