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Kyun | Fanartist (sometimes fanwriter)| KNB

AoKaga, Kisekis (& Kagami) x Kuroko, MidoTaka

I don't mind if you use my art, but please ask first and link back!

Blog contains: BL; multishipping

When they marry one day.


"Their Awaited Reunion Under the Sakura Petals and Wind with Sparkles, and Ran cries: "omg shinichi i waited 5ever for u." and Shinichi responds lovingly: "kabsbhdaksdjjadsd." My title is golden. (´ ∀ `)

heading to sleep. 

More painting practice. Hmm… o3o

Drew this for a coloring tutorial, which can be seen here: http://fav.me/d4r2wuo

T_T took forever to make a tut, aghshd. 

Because a cross-over was screaming to happen. 8DD

Kaitou Kid flipping Ran’s skirt. And we all know what’s gonna happen afterwards, rofl. XD;

Done for an art trade with AlexaClyne on DA~ I was feeling restless so I decided to tire myself out by drawing. o3o/ woop. gnight, folks. 

Style I’m experimenting with. o3o Shinichi with Male!Ran, if you can’t tell. xD; 


Still feeling bummed out. Maybe sleep is the best cure for this type of feeling.