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Kyun | Fanartist (sometimes fanwriter)| KNB

AoKaga, Kisekis (& Kagami) x Kuroko, MidoTaka

I don't mind if you use my art, but please ask first and link back!

Blog contains: BL; multishipping

I thought I sent one? Unless you didn't want to do it haha but it was Kaito/Shinichi in a pirate AU

Aaaaaaah I didn’t receive it! //kicks inbox ; o ;

There’s a swift kick and a splitting pain in his jaw as the world is whipped to the right and swung off kilter; a rough hand grabs his hair and the next moment, the officer growls in his face: “Where is it, Kuroba. The jewel.”

He laughs despite the burning sting in his gut (because at this point, things have become hilarious even when his arms and legs are numb since he was tied like a hog and left in a prisoner cell  even when his hands are clean of this crime)— “What makes you think I’d tell you Kudou?”

"Because you know where it is but you didn’t steal it,” Kudou grouses, the grip in his hair weakens and the harsh edge in his voice softens into a quiet tremble—Kaito thinks this sentimentality is hilarious—“Tell us where it is, who stole it and you won’t be hung in the gallows.” 

ahh kaishin, long time no see. ^q^;;

(And aaa thank you so much ; v ; (okay I’m gonna disappear to work until get tired and need a break ww))


Trying to get rid of a lot of doujinshi~ 
Listed are:
Kuroko no Basket Doujinshi (only 2 lol) 
& Magi: Labyrinth of Magic Merchandise
And a ton of Detective Conan Doujinshi x_o

It’d help if you guys signal boost! (And/or  tell whoever likes these fandoms to pay a visit to the page. :’3)

Art request - Shinichi pulling a heist as KID while Kaito is sick?

originality at its best awyea. and…ugh tumblr post formats, i do not get.

Read it clearer here: http://fav.me/d6001p7

READ RIGHT TO LEFT. Sorry handwriting sucks. :P

Pocket Me
Perfect Bound | 60 pgs | Read right to left | English | A 2Planes verse | KidCon with Kaito & Shinichi | R15 to be safe. 

Price: $12

Click here for info! 

I got my doujins yesterday and one of them was the FemShin! Anthology, omigodddd. *q* I love Santaro’s FemShin~ So cute. *__* (And her Kaitos are so hot. askjhds; ) 

Happy early birthday, Pounce! 8D!! 

Read right to left! 

Kiriban picture for Toast! *u* She requested BO!Shinichi/Kid and the theme of allegiance… ha haha. -runs away and rolls into a corner- 

Birthday pic for Yami! <33 (Aghjasd I’m so late.;;; ) I drew KaiShin from her rpg verse~ 

Just a warm up drawing on pchat. <3>