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AoKaga, Kisekis (& Kagami) x Kuroko, MidoTaka

I don't mind if you use my art, but please ask first and link back!

Blog contains: BL; multishipping

Kagami steals the sheets and burritos himself~ <3

I have a feeling I’m going to get so fed up of drawing fluffy aokaga, I’ll turn to draw ………….. other things. (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

H i…/casually walks and trips over air, throwing domestic future aokaga onto the dash.

OTPD prompt was coffee~ ;D

*tentatively pokes* Hey there, I really love your OC Aomi, he's exactly the kind of character I enjoy and I love how he's a mama's boy even if he's all badass and pierced. Well um...I was kind of wondering if you would maybe be okay with me drawing or writing something for him sometime, as a tribute. Of course I would credit you for creating him and wouldn't claim any ownership, but I might just like to give it a try and see what happens...let me know what you think.


I’m so glad that you like Aomi~~ T___T/// And I would be so honored, LIKE REALLY HONORED… if you drew or wrote anything on him. /cries a puddle and hugs you closer. Thank you… /whispers

I look forward to him ahhh. Q_________________Q

Emotions Within Metals


Inspired by the movie Artificial Intelligence and kyunyo's Android!AU

I really love the comic and the idea of it >/////< Thank you for giving me the permission to post this~


Artificial intelligence.

It’s been long since the creation of robots, for it to be implemented into them to establish the understanding and obedience in carrying their respective duties. A special silicon chip is to be implanted along with the memory chip, to enable cumulative storage of information. With that, they - as in the androids- would be able to do all of the orders from the humans, be it by direct order or programmed one.

Though there is only one fatal flaw to the artificial intelligence chip. It doesn’t have the capacity to understand emotion. Priorities by order will always be executed, which may result in conflicts between humanists.

Aomine Daiki, the genius lead engineer of the android project, had been researching of ways to implement the human emotions into the mass-produced androids. Though, the end results would always show nothing at all.

In time, the government gave up the special project altogether and offered Aomine to revolutionize the androids for weapons of war instead. He refused. He aimed for his whole life to make his androids understand human emotions, he was not going to build them to destroy humans instead even for the money of 100 times his salary then.

The androids’ blueprint was taken from him and started to become mass-produced for a lot of purposes. Some slipped into the warzone as well. Aomine didn’t mind that, now that he’s not with the government anymore. So sometimes, he makes his own android using whatever he could scrape off, sometimes, even from the ones that were discarded. Of course he had to obtain it illegally but he still wanted to pursue his dream of making an android who’d understand human emotions.

At times, he’d slip into his previous workspace and build some more android from whatever left from the place. Surprisingly, it hadn’t been taken down yet. No one cared for the place anymore as there are a lot of facilities with better equipments for the making of the humanoid robots. Aomine still preferred to build them from scratch, carefully and almost gracefully.

Though, he’d never thought one day, he’ll found himself an android which he found at the disposal area (to get some useful parts of course), to have the possibilities of emotional capacities within their drive…

You want everyone inspired by your AU to gather around and write? COUNT ME IN!



REALLY LOVE PEOPLE WHO LOVE AOKAGA  (ノಥДಥ)ノ Auuuuuuuuuuu //gets hit to the moon

I'm wondering if I could post a drabble based on your AU too.. It's kind of a driving plot if you may say.. It's really inspired from your latest comic..

…//WHEEZES A LOT. PLEASE DO…………………..!!! I will love you so much. T__T/////// A driving plot is exciting ahh!!!

And I’m gonna publish this b/c I wanna say this: I DUNNO WHAT IM DOING WITH THE AU TBH!! There’s no real plot idea or w/e and I just pull things out of my brain rofls. So I’m really happy people want to write drabbles based on what I draw. *Q* LET US ALL COME TOGETHER AND MAKE THE AOKAGA ANDROID AU TOGETHER OKAY~~~?? 


^q ^/ If you have questions feel free to inbox meee~ Let us work together~~!!!

(time for me to go back and draw more aokagas, god I am such a fangirl ^q^//)



This is a part of AU world created by the wonderful kyunyo Her last comic inspired me a lot and here I present you (with her blessing) a small drabble. It’s not betaed so if you find mistakes can you write to me about them? 

You are a weird one, Aomine muses to himself while he is connecting the power cord to the core of the android. It starts to shine – a sight that the battery is charging. You remember what happened before they took your previous core, after waking up instead of waiting you came to me… Well, I suppose I cannot expect patience from a battle android, huh?

Still puzzling over the android he found, Aomine connects rest of cables from his computers – thermometer of a central processor, a software looking for viruses (just in case), databases checking software to see if the android’s ROM and RAM work properly and aren’t damaged (the previous scan was stopped by the android) – to the red-haired robot. It’s unsettling how technologically advanced this machine seems to be considered it was made years ago.

Aomine would love to meet the android’s maker. He didn’t find out much information about it in its database, only basics info: the date of being produced, serial number and its purpose. Disappointing. Although the list of monsters and enemy’s soldiers (which was something he might obtain from the government’s servers more or less legally) which the robot killed was impressive. Yet, he hoped for more; from the moment the android caught his attention at the garbage dump, Aomine has been longing to discover more of it. Some of its data is encrypted and normally Aomine wouldn’t wait too long before decoding it, but after realizing the android remembers… It’d be like violating someone’s privacy.

The man sits next to the bed where he laid the android, massaging his strained arm. The robot is heavy and after it switched off, Aomine had to bring it here, by himself – all of his trolleys were in other rooms and it was faster to just do everything by himself instead of looking for one.

Propping his chain on his hand, Aomine is observing the android like a hawk, as if waiting could make answers to his questions appear. Androids aren’t supposed to remember, aren’t supposed to make their own decisions, yet this one decided to go to him, to find him. It was weird, a bit disturbing and now more than ever Aomine wants to talk with the android.

He left the government before they created battle software and he’s curious about it. Normally androids with that software are being destroyed once they served their purpose, but this one wasn’t. And Aomine knows it still has that computer program – he checked its hard drivers after all. The model is one of prototypes, old enough to be one of his team’s works, but he’d remember creating such thing (even if he worked for the government for such little amount of time). Plus it’s interesting how long it lasted as a fighting robot with such weak armour – his skin or metal skeleton aren’t enhanced for battle.

Funny, he even wants to ask about the android’s look: such fierce, red eyes and red-black hair aren’t a very common design. Every mechanic opts for more natural colours which wouldn’t make their androids stood out too much. But not this one. This one stands out like a flame in darkness.

I hope you’ll tell me everything one day, thinks Aomine. Then he proceeds to check if all cables are plugged correctly before leaving the room. It’s already evening and he’s tired; he spent a lot of time at repairing this particular android.

He hesitates at the door and looks behind himself, at the bed. The android is lying motionlessly, looking as if it was a human sleeping. If Aomine didn’t know better, he’d think it is a human. What a beautiful piece of work for such an old model…

“Goodnight,” he whispers, feeling stupid as soon as these words left his mouth. The android doesn’t make a move or speak anything – and how could it? It’s not like it could hear Aomine and say ‘Goodnight’ too.

Cursing at himself for forgetting for a split of a second that this robot isn’t actually a human, Aomine closes the door with a soft click.

He has a lot of work to do tomorrow.

Hi *waves* I love robots, androids etc. and your AU series is giving me too many feels to count them *melts* After reading the comic you posted a few minutes ago I've started to write a small drabble (Aomine POV) and I want to ask if I could post it?


Hi~! I'm still scrolling through your blog (Since I'm on mobile, it's kinda difficult for me to see through everything), but do you by chance ship MiyajixHayama?

H E LLO THERE~ GOOD LUCK SCROLLING THROUGH MY BLOG ROFLS. Though if you’re having a hard time looking at certain things you’re certainly welcome to my personal blog here. Warning that I post a lot of unrelated crap there too but It should be viewable on mobile. 8d

ANd……………….. I ship Hayama x Miyaji?? Though the only exposure I had with them was from SSKZ Gusari’s fanbooks since I’m such a diehard fan of Gusari’s roflss.

I wasn’t planning to draw anymore for the android AU and then theragingblue submitted me this drabble:

That second he was awake, aware of his surrounding, he stripped all of the cable that connected him. Kagami Taiga rushed out from that place, searching for the familiar blue that he saw. He was sure that there is no reason why anyone would want fix him. Him who was half-broken, in verge of shutting down. Worthless piece of metal that serve no use of anything anymore. It wastes of energy, metal, electricity, every single thing that are precious in this era. Even he understood. But how the hell is he restarted, able to move. The person who gave him core, when it’s precious thing.

His system kept sending warning, too weak to move, power supply not enough, emergency, going to shut down. But he kept on. His eyes, which gifted with system to detect warm in human body, located one presence in the room at the left. He opened the door without any knock nor warning, certainly surprised the mechanic. But his eyes were locked on the person who restarted him, on the same time, searching for the person information in the data base. But that was not the importance thing right now. Lips motionlessly parted open, unlike normal human, he didn’t felt thirsty nor sore. His voice remained flat.

“Why did you fix me?”

»click image comic continuation

Since this was just drawn out of nowhere,I have no idea what’s happening. I was just itching to continue that drabble. Plot…what is that. ^o ^;;; Don’t ask me…;;

If you’re on tumblr mobile and can’t see it, click here.

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I just know that ps can create animation OTL

Today’s OTPDaily prompt is pajama fashion. Their eye masks… ლ(◉◞౪◟◉ )ლ