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thank god I wasn’t the only one who noticed kyouya doing that!! I also died when he and honey were disguised as a couple when following haruhi and hikaru on their date JFC

!!!!!!!!!! OMIGOD YEAH LOOL. (I pay very special attention to background things omg; there are gems everywhere; and kyouya is precious gdi T_T!!!)


Kyouya, what are you doing.

Aokaga Month giveaway has ended!!! Also if you want charms…


Winners have been chosen and have been contacted, thank you for participating!!! And since I felt generous I decided to choose a 3rd place winner who would receive Sea Salt~

If you still want the book, Sea salt, you can purchase it here~!

Also I noticed some people are interested in charms ^q^;; After thinking a while, I figured I have too many, so if you’re interested please inbox me or email me at kyunyo@live.com~ First come first serve~ I only have like 4-5 designs of each. Like I said, slim chance of reprint, but if I do it’d only be certain designs (and I’m planning to make new ones later)

It is 8 USD each, buy two for 15.

You’ll make two payments, first is for charms, second payment for shipping once I ship it out. Please don’t be a butthead and not pay for shipping when I ask you for it. D:

Gentle reminder that I still have charms left for anyone who wants them~ 

Here are the exceptions: Firefighter Kagami is sold out; Sea Salt charms sold out (will reprint for convention); Tiger Kagami and Panther Aomine comes in a set. ( o v o )/

I’ve had these sitting in my wip folder and will probably blast through them this weekend ^_T; Some kiss meme/ domestic au meme, etc. Though I’m probably gonna leave my senpai au sketches alone, lol.; Tbh, I drew it and headcanonned the first years as third years because I had wanted to see them as third years and as senpais. Someone please comic this. ^q^//

New wordpress blog


Hello~ Please still call me earlie (or kyun), but I decided to de-penname myself. Anyways I made a wordpress blog (can be accessed by clicking the second banner) where I will be posting drabbles and fics, feel free to come by, read, and leave comments. :3 

I’m trying to get back into writing right now, so it’ll be a while until I post anything polished to ao3. ^q^ Nsfw works will not be posted on AO3 anymore (I’m not taking down Honey) but will be on wordpress but password locked. (You’ll understand how to get the password once you’re on the site.)

Anyways, yup!!! 


COMMISSION POST! (click on the images for a better quality)

Payments are made through PAYPAL. Send me a note with what you want me to draw and your e-mail address. I will make a rough sketch and send it to you. Once you give me the OK, send me the payment via Paypal (services). Once you’ve paid me, I’ll start working on your commission and email you the finished work ASAP. 

More moleskine examples can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Your-fandom-in-a-Moleskine/704707402875562?fref=ts 

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My life has been taken over by sports anime ; A; Here’s a giveaway of leftover con stuff! 

Winner will receive:

  • Seirin Team, Teiko Miracles, Kagami & MuraHimu A3 prints
  • Kise Ryouta A4 print
  • KageHina A3 print
  • KuroKen, Hinata, Kageyama & Nishinoya A4 prints
  • Free! Style Five A4 print
  • Kise and Kagami postcards
  • Free! Style Five, Half-naked Free! & Haikyuu!! bookmark sets
  • Kuroko no Basuke, Splash Free! & Haikyuu!! badge sets

Runner up:

  • x1 Bookmark set of your choice
  • x1 Badge set of your choice


  • No need to follow me
  • No reblog limit but be mindful of your followers!
  • Likes don’t count as an entry but you can use it as a bookmark.
  • International shipping is fine!
  • Please have your ask open and you’re comfortable with giving me your email and address
  • Winners will be picked by a random generator
  • You have 24hrs to get back to me before I select another winner
  • Giveaway ends 14th September (my birthday~) at 11:59PM GMT +10

Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Good luck~

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