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Aomine is seriously desperate; crouching in front of the genkan, holding his phone close to his ear and eagerly listening to every sound Kagami makes on the other side. “Taiga, hurry up” “I know!” Kagami shouts, can’t stand all the pressure. After a while, the door opens and there Kagami stands out of breath, his phone in one hand and his luggage in the other. Aomine immediately leaps forward before Kagami even has time to take off his shoes. [1/2]

Aomine wraps his arms around Kagami’s neck and his legs around the waist. “Heavy” Kagami sighs. “Hurry up”, comes the muffled sounds of Aomine’s voice. Kagami walks into the house, drops his luggage and takes off his shoes with an effort. “Kagamichi, what about this one?” Kise asks from outside the house almost whispering as he understands the situation while holding up a duffle bag. “Just throw it inside. Thanks Kise.” Kagami walks straight into the house without looking back. [2/?]

Kise does as he was told and closes the door leaving the couple alone because that is what they need. Kagami walks into their bedroom (his hands supporting Aomine’s weight now) and slumps onto the bed. Aomine quickly takes a comfortable position and hugs Kagami tighter. Kagami sighs again before wrapping his arms around the other boy and petting his head. Kagami studies the bluenette’s face. Eye bags are obvious under the eyes despite his dark complexion and his short blue hair is messy. [3/?]

"Next year, you are definitely coming with me", Kagami says before kissing Aomine’s forehead. He gets a mumbled sounds as a response and he doesn’t care what that means because he is definitely bringing Aomine along with him next year for his annual visit to the USA. He always spent two weeks there and for that two weeks, Aomine never get a good night sleep without him. [4/4] (I’m sorry, I didn’t know it’s going to be this long. Hope this crappy drabble can cheep you up somehow.) Ja ne~

//cries a lot askjhk thank you so much this was really sweet and made me smile~~ ; v ; <3333 Thank you thank you thank you!! I love how attached Aomine is to Kagami, it’s so adorable ahhh. And it’s not crappy at all! Thank you again so much TvT


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His body glowed in the soft morning sun. Hair like blue silk across his stomach. Aomine, was a bastard but he was his bastard. Tangling his fingers in his, Kagami closed his eyes. It was enough to be here sleeping - with him. It was more than enough.


Aksjhaks ;_______;!!!!!!! Uwahhhhhhhh thank youuu!! And to answer your next ask, THIS WAS MORE THAN ENOUGH! THANK YOU SO MUCH! <333 ;v ;

I don’t wanna go to school today but I look forward to the after class time when I can spoil myself ah haha; ok, time to go away now


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AHHH OMIGOD. MY COPIES OF SEA SALT CAME IN AND MY GOD THEY ARE SO GORGEOUS ;__; IT WAS MORE THAN WHAT I EXPECTED, THE NICE UV COVER, THE SEVERAL COLORED PAGES INSIDE, THE TONING ESPECIALLY GRADIENTS, I’M JUST…omg. It’s really nice ^___T!!! (Though rereading my doujin was so embarrassing ahhh omg, I can’t believe the cheese ^_T;;)

Thank you doujinpress ahhh. (AND YEY, I CAN SHIP THESE OUT TO THE WINNERS NOW, I am so sorry you had to wait uuu TvT!!!) 



Series: Kuroko no Basket
Character/Pairing(s): Aomine x Kagami x Aomine
Rating: T
WordCount: 8463
Warnings: Future AU; Just slight mentions of adult themes.

Summary:  Three times, Kagami had tried to propose, and the one time he wasn’t able to. (Or: Kagami wants to marry Aomine.)

Super stress free writing as I try to get back into the swing of writing/drawing again. ^_T Why does school drain me so much…


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Sea Salt was perfect and I love your art so much! thank you for the awesome doujin! :D


….??AHH DID YOU GET THE BOOK? *_*;; I am glad ahaha~ Thank you for letting me knoww (9 ^q^ )9!


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hi, I preordered Sea Salt back in August and I still haven't gotten it. is there still a delay on it shipping out?


Hello~ Sorry for the delay in response, I’ve been a bit busy lately and stuff. (And I received your recent ask, but answering this in case other people have questions as well. x3 I hope you don’t mind~)

DoujinPress has informed me today that all orders for Sea Salt has been shipped! I apologize for the delay since August has been a very busy month for them in regards with printing and conventions. I hope that you will excuse the tardiness of the book. ^^;;;! When you do receive it, I hope you enjoy the book~! :’Db