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I enabled disquis which is a comment widget to my blog~~ Feel free to drop comments and stuff~!

Or if you just wanna chat about mundane stuff I’m all ears too~ I’ll do my best to answer comments daily~ ^ q ^/ tumblr is rather inconvenient this way, so let’s chat~

Still not over kaeilash ‘s designs. T ///T

Please serve me dimsum, Kagami~ ^ q ^///

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For those who have ordered/preordered the collab book please check your email! I have billed you the shipping!

Please also pay promptly ok~ Thanks!

I have several people who have not paid billing yet, so pls check your email ok~

forgot to post these to show them off, holla~ These anthos are kinda small, around A5 sized, but what I like about them is that they have 100 some pages all comic by really great artists~ Many of the comics inside are reprints of the artist’s old works so if you weren’t able to nab something of theirs in the past, buying these are great. ^ q ^

Some artists you may know is: Ist, RT, komae salon, corolla—I CANT READ KANJI, BUT TRUST ME. THE ART IS RLY GOOD. I’ve been disappointed by doujins before, but nah these are actually really good. 

I got them off amazon Japan which ships international, you can only  buy books tho. Each book is around 1000 yen, combined with shipping to Hawaii, the cost of it was around 70 usd. Which isn’t bad considering how thick these books are and how i got them within a week of purchasing. ^ q^

Ofc if you’re not a fan of aokaga there are plenty anthologies that are other characters, or even character centric but since there’s no samples I’m very wary about the stuff inside. BUT YEA, nah these books are good. ^ q^b

here, here, here, here, and the upper left hand corner one is a original bl by Gusari, I’m a die hard fan of her paneling and style technique so…^q^

But yeah, just sharing these~~ If you can get it, pls do. 8)

my hand is brokoro for the night so I’m just gonna doodle ^ q ^/

kaeilash ‘s designs again uhuhuh <3