Happy AoKaga Month Giveaway!

Hey guys, I’ve always been planning of doing a giveaway for this month for fun and also as a big thank you for being kind and accepting me into the fandom!

Here are some basic rules:

*Multiple reblogs will increase your chances, you can also like it if you want to. 

*No giveaway blogs

*You don’t have to be following me.

* You must be comfortable with giving me your address (and I will ship anywhere~!)

* If you don’t respond within 3 days, another person will be chosen. If you’re on vacation, please leave a note on your blog somewhere saying when you’ll be back, so I can wait till then for a response. :’D

Giveaway ends on August 31, Aomine’s bday~~ 8D

Sea Salt (70 pg | Aokaga merman AU doujinshi) can be pre-ordered here!!!

If you are the winners and have already pre-ordered Sea Salt, show me proof of purchase (screenshot of email confirmation), your prize will change to another set of charms (or a set of charms if you are second prize winner.) 

*Button & Charms are not being sold at this time. It’s very unlikely I’ll do a reprint of these charms in the future, since online orders didn’t do so well the first time around ww.

*Aokaga sketch is random and will be shipped with your prizes~

Goooodd luck!!!

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pomegranate-lion asked:

*Just for clarification, I am not "mom" anon. I would just like to tell you that I really enjoy reading your tags! Maybe other people don't get it, but they always make me smile. I'm a bit sad that the commentary was moved, but I'll adjust. Also, because it's your blog/art/post you should feel free to put whatever you want in the tags or comments even if people get offended because not everyone can be pleased, and as you said, what you do you do for you. Thanks for sharing your lovely art!! ^^


Askjha ahhh thank you T__T;; I guess in some ways people can see tag talking as distasteful, but ah wells. Having it moved to deviantart isn’t so bad! I can write as much as I want to without fear of clogging people’s dashboard with my stuff www TvT;;;

But yeahh thank you so much!! <33 You have a nice day~~


Anonymous asked:

Hi. I really like your Aokaga family idea and I really love aomi so please do draw more!!! And I don't mean to sound offending but I cant help but notice something when I was going your your tag Aomi. I'm just curious, but why is Kagami called mom? Why isn't he called papa?


Ahhh hello, hello! I’m glad you enjoy it!! ^ q ^// Ahhh and yeahh, I can see how some people can be curious about it www;;; I GUESS, IDK how to explain it very well.;;

Under a read more, since I say a lot more than an answer to this ask. orz;;


kikoeterukai asked:

Do you know why I like you? Because you're kind, because you've answered lot of questions about how you work and the services you use when you print your stuff, and it's something that I haven't seen in many other artists. The willing to help others is something that you can't find in anyone, but you are here and answer all those questions and well, you're amazing. For your art, and your great heart. ♥


Askjhkas NARI.T________T AH THANK YOU SO MUCH?? WHEN I SAW THIS, MY FACE BROKE OUT INTO A SMILE OF A THOUSAND SHINING SUNS (god I hope that doesn’t sound weird omg ww;;; )

BUT Y EAH, NO PROBLEM AT ALL. I know how hard it is to figure things out on your own, and it really sucks not having somewhere to poke you along. T o T;; SO YEAH, if you have any questions I’m always happy to help, really! (YOU KNOW…IF THERE’S ANYTHING ART/DRAWING/DOUJIN RELATED I CAN HELP, but merch stuff……………..w e ll, not so much since I’ve only sold at 4 cons so far in my entire fandoming life /cries;; )

Askjhkas you’re making me blush omigod Tu T <33 UGH BUT Thank you so much!!!



Anonymous asked:

Hey, I love your art. It's so light and has this feeling of freedom in it, it somehow makes me so comfortable. Even more, you kinda inspire me to just sit down and start drawing myself (I'm not even that bad, but motivational problems and stuff). So pls keep going! I highly enjoy Aomi and his two ridiculous parents. I hope you'll draw even more of these idiots cause gnarh eventhough it's making me a sap but Aokaga is just my ultra otp and future settings with a child or two just touch my heart


O…Oh. T__T AHH THANK YOU!!! I am super glad that I’m an inspiration, like…no seriously aksjhkas I’m…TvT I’m…inspiring ahh //holds hand to heart. BUT UM JOKES ASIDE, THANK YOU A LOT. TvT I WILL DO MY BEST TO DRAW THEM MORE, though lately I’ve had dumb keyboard problems and a new computer problemo so I wasn’t able to touch my comics for a while oops

BUT ANYWAYS, rambling aside, thanks for dropping by GOOD LUCK WITH DRAWING *Q*!!

some process shots bc, I have the attention span of a child and got distracted every thirt min. ww

I’m hungry…


Anonymous asked:

Omg I don't know how to tumblr or anything, but I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your work!! Sometimes I check your blog when I'm having a tough time and your cute artwork always make me smile. My favorite is the gif of Kagami's eyebrows! Thanks for sharing your work~ (≧◡≦)


OH. Askjhas ITS OKAY. TvT IDK HOW TO TUMBLR EITHER WWW. But ahh thank you so much! T o T To know that someone enjoys my artwork and that it even brightens their day makes me really happy!! I wish the best for you through your tough times TvT <333

Uwahh and thanks! //wiggle waggle the eyebrows