AHHH OMIGOD. MY COPIES OF SEA SALT CAME IN AND MY GOD THEY ARE SO GORGEOUS ;__; IT WAS MORE THAN WHAT I EXPECTED, THE NICE UV COVER, THE SEVERAL COLORED PAGES INSIDE, THE TONING ESPECIALLY GRADIENTS, I’M JUST…omg. It’s really nice ^___T!!! (Though rereading my doujin was so embarrassing ahhh omg, I can’t believe the cheese ^_T;;)

Thank you doujinpress ahhh. (AND YEY, I CAN SHIP THESE OUT TO THE WINNERS NOW, I am so sorry you had to wait uuu TvT!!!) 



Series: Kuroko no Basket
Character/Pairing(s): Aomine x Kagami x Aomine
Rating: T
WordCount: 8463
Warnings: Future AU; Just slight mentions of adult themes.

Summary:  Three times, Kagami had tried to propose, and the one time he wasn’t able to. (Or: Kagami wants to marry Aomine.)

Super stress free writing as I try to get back into the swing of writing/drawing again. ^_T Why does school drain me so much…


jaegerbending asked:

Sea Salt was perfect and I love your art so much! thank you for the awesome doujin! :D


….??AHH DID YOU GET THE BOOK? *_*;; I am glad ahaha~ Thank you for letting me knoww (9 ^q^ )9!


jaegerbending asked:

hi, I preordered Sea Salt back in August and I still haven't gotten it. is there still a delay on it shipping out?


Hello~ Sorry for the delay in response, I’ve been a bit busy lately and stuff. (And I received your recent ask, but answering this in case other people have questions as well. x3 I hope you don’t mind~)

DoujinPress has informed me today that all orders for Sea Salt has been shipped! I apologize for the delay since August has been a very busy month for them in regards with printing and conventions. I hope that you will excuse the tardiness of the book. ^^;;;! When you do receive it, I hope you enjoy the book~! :’Db

More memes~

Wahhh thank you guys for tagging me! I will list them under the read more tag. ^q^/

Running out of sketches to color ahh; I’m too lazy to draw new stuff ahaha. ^_T;

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