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Kyun | Fanartist
I don't mind if you reblog/use my art, but please ask first and link back.

Blog contains: BL;

Making another intro post since…I just had another explosion of followers ah haha.;

Anyways, HI NEW FOLLOWERS. You probably followed me after reading the Kuroko & his Kage series, or if you saw a ship that you like… 

And you guys are probably expecting me to draw more…

But I also do draw other things according to my whimsy and I’m huge, hard core multi-shipper…

Which means, I will draw anything. So if you don’t like surprises, you should probably unfollow hahha;;

I’m usually dead during the weekdays but alive on the weekends. I like to also draw fan comics/ doujinshi. (Be it sad or happy, yeyeye~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ! ) 

Yup. That’s it. I don’t make much text posts since this is just an art blog. 

(· ∀ ·) LET’S ALL GET ALONG. And be friends. Yeyeye. 8Dbb 


Kagami Taiga Appreciation Post [2/10]

~ Bakagami feat. one of his favourite things on earth - Food(✿ ♥‿♥)

Wearing their traditional blue, these national-level veterans have come from the highly competitive Kanagawa prefecture! They had flawless offense and defense before, but now they’ve added a member of the Generation of Miracles, Ryōta Kise, to become a truly perfect team!! The Blue Elites, Kaijō High School!!

O-Oh (இдஇ`。) ahhhhh thankkk youuuu. (And this project is great ahh, keep up the good work mod!)



That hip sass in the opening tho…^q^ //slapped. 


Kuroko no Basuke Teams:Teiko|Touou|Kaijo|Shutoku|Yosen|Seirin | ? |

(Full view click here.)

I’ve been listening to Ono Kensho’s Fantastic Tune, and the tempo and melody is really nice. Ahhh, it gave me feels so I drew this out while listening to it. ~

(*≧艸≦) I love these dorks so much~!

Head canon that Kaga sleeps like a rock, in one position, and Aomine throws his legs and arms around everywhere and like to hugs things as he sleeps, www. 

The most baka baka~ He has glasses that says Bakagami, your argument is invalid. www

edit: he also has a ring pop. that qualifies him as a blng-bling Bakagami. 

"I love this team."

I am so proud of you, Kise. (*≧艸≦)//hit