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Kyun | Fanartist (sometimes fanwriter)| KNB

AoKaga, Kisekis (& Kagami) x Kuroko, MidoTaka

I don't mind if you use my art, but please ask first and link back!

Blog contains: BL; multishipping


Doodling kyunyo’s lovely OC Aomi, AoKaga’s son from the future, because I really love his design (mostly just love drawing his hair…I wanna try the technique out on Aomine).

source: (theshinsun)

character belongs to kyunyo.


Does anyone do this hiccup/burp thing while they’re eating or is it just me that does it lols.

OTPdaily prompt yesterday was fragility~ I guess this is sort of a 270Q ish kind of drawing. T vT;;

I just following you times ago and omg your arts are amazing *-*) do you mind to give some advice to do the coloring? :D

Heyyoo thank you!!!

I don’t do much tutorials cus I think there’s already a lot of good coloring tuts out there BUT HERE IS SOME NEAT THING I LEARNED TO DO TO MAKE COLORING MUCH MORE EFFICIENT ROFLS.

ok I’m drawing aokuro ok. so here’s the sketch, messy as hell.

»under a readmore cus yea

Hello! I followed you from a Kagami gif of yours I saw on my dash so I'm a little confused. What is that last anon talking about?

Oh hello~~ AND IM GLAD THE NIKE BROWS BROUGHT YOU TO MY BLOG. Now that’s one thing I’m kind of proud about roflss. 

last anon was talking about an idea I whipped up because I thought it’d be cute and fun to draw.;; I didn’t expect it to explode like how it happened, and while I’m thankful for people following and loving the idea, I just feel like my other works were being overlooked in favor of a cute idea. I also wanted to draw a lot of other things for myself because I didn’t want to cater to the masses…so…

yeah…that’s that. rofls;; ^q^;;;

canu recommend a good website to learn about human muscles?? i try google but the pics are so low quality and insignificant thankss

Heyyy~…as for website to learn about human muscles. uh…….. I’m not too sure where exactly to look for them. T_T;; I think the  best way to learn about human muscles is through observation. 

Senshistock is a great resource for stock images and you can practice gesture drawings and sketching these models to get a feel for muscle anatomy~ You could also study some of your favorite artists’ art to see how they draw muscles and interpret from reality -> drawing.

Posemaniacs is p good with muscles since it shows it~

I didn’t take any anatomy classes, the bulk of stuff I learned is through stock images, and observation. ^q^;;;

Hi aren't you doing more of the Kuroko and his Kage? :( It's really cute and i love it

Hi~! Thanks for dropping by, but I don’t think I’ll touch it any time soon. The reason being is that I like to draw what I want rather than cater to people for popularity’s sake;;

Kage was a fun idea before it exploded in tumblr and I suddenly got a ton of followers and messages about it. And it’s great that you guys like it, but I slowly started to realize that people only followed me for the idea rather than my art itself, which discouraged me a lot because I like to draw what I want.;; I didn’t want to be known for only one thing and so I stopped despite it’s crazy popularity.

I do want to draw more of it tbh, but at the same time there’s a lot of other things I want to draw. And before I cater to people, I like to indulge myself a lot, so…if I had to trade in my freedom for drawing what I want for popularity, I pick my own stuff over any huge exploding on tumblr thing any day…;;;;

Sorry for being very brutally honest here but I’m the type who does the complete opposite of what people tell me to do~ Dw about it being discontinued forever, I will pick it up again but not right now because I’m not bored of my other ideas yet.

But please take note that I’m not gonna do it just because people ask me to. ^q^;;; 

yesterday i was drawing and nothing was really going as i wanted, so i put down the pencil for the day and honestly i felt frustrated and a little bit like crying (i didnt but i felt like it). reading your tags about keeping with drawing even through the frustration, and drawing what you're passionate about, makes me feel a lot better and it inspired me to do more drawing today! thank you so so so much for that <3

p st, come here you. //tugs you closer and hugs. I AM GLAD THAT YOU PICKED UP THE PENCIL AGAIN! There will be some days where you want to be like Kagami and the lazy god rolly pencil and fling it down in anger, but it’ll always come back… back to your forehead. /whispers. (ok that made no sense, but…w/e.)

BUT NO PROBLEM! If I can inspire ppl to draw then I am happy, my life goal is complete. ^QQQ^

AND CUS I WANNA SAY MORE AND I TALK TOO MUCH, here is a read more tag.

Haha,you're so cute!! I don't think there's even one person in the fandom who's annoyed with your aokaga spam, I think we're actually really lucky to have you in the fandom. :) (also have to tell you that seirin!mine is one of my weaknesses too!) And don't tell me so many nice stuff just bc I wrote you a short message of truths...otherwise there'll be horrific consequences in the future, like more spamming and stuff. I hold my favourites close to my heart and I'm quite vocal about them, so shh~!

I…I’m cute? :3c //SLAPPED SO HARD. BUT THANK YOU AH HAHa.;;; >__<;;;; AND SEIRIN!MINE IS LOVE………………. there’s this fic about it, BUT IT HASN’T UPDATED YET……//looks away nervously;;;

And thank you…again. T__T IDK WHAT TO SAY. I’m sorry ahh, but your words really brightened my day! Thank you so muchhhh~ //HUGS. AND I LOVE YOU TOO OK. YEAH. YOU HAVE A GOOD NIGHT..OR MORNING. 

Just some friendly reminders~

That this blog exists and so does this.

^ q ^;;;;; 



Good morning or good night~

I seriously cannot fathom how you art so fast and so much. I almost admire your dedication and motivation and productivity more than your skill to make all those beautiful artsies. I feel so stressed these days and at the end still didn’t accomplish anything ;_;

AHHH. Nooo don’t feel stressed out!! TBH the reason why I draw so fast is… because two years ago I made it a goal to draw a finished piece every day and I’d beat myself up for not drawing for a day if I missed it.;; ಥ⌣ಥ;;;; IT WAS A REALLY GRUESOME PROCESS, so don’t feel bad for not being able to accomplish stuff orz;;

I’m a huge nerd when it comes to drawing than fandoming www. My original goal 2-3 years ago was to just generally “get better,” and to do that I studied other artists’ style of drawing and experimented and stuff. But as I kept doing that I started to fall in love with the process rather than my end goal. AND I’ve been there where I got kicked down and demotivated b/c there are so many other artists that are better than me, draw faster than me, and etc. And it took a while for me to change my mindset from “ughhhhhhhh why am i drawing more, why am I not drawing better” to “ART ART ART ARTAR TATART OTP ^Q^” 

So idk what advice to give you, BUT GO AT YOUR OWN PACE!! And get an otp you’re head over heels for so you can draw a lot for them…y e s.;;

…/hugs T v T don’t feel stressed~

Good morning or good night~