Is this what happens when I try even a little?

If my opponents lose the will to play, what’s fun about basketball anymore? 

QuQ Aomine, bby. /pats his face. 


Trying something new, not sure if my computer can keep up with it though….


I tried to draw the rest of them but my hand gave up for today…maybe another day. ~u~ 


omg, sorry for the stupid comic but this was in my mind for a whiles. » click this or the read more to read the rest. 
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The epilogue just makes me think of the incoming Touou freshmen who start to regard Kagami as some kind of Aomine guardian spirit… ‘Kagami-san would never do that!!’ and ‘Kagami-san would try harder’ to ‘Aomine-sempai WHAT IF YOU DISAPPOINT KAGAMI-SAN PLEASE THINK OF KAGAMI-SAN!!’ ‘HOW CAN YOU MARRY BEAT KAGAMI-SAN LIKE THIS.’

And then at the tournaments all the first-years line up to thank Kagami-san for his efforts, making him very confused.

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Gonna do some reblogging :’3

Sup guys~ Lately I haven’t been drawing much because of school, and so I thought I could do something like reblog my old stuff.

I hope you guys don’t mind that. ^q^;; I will be deleting the reblogs after a while, but just for the sake of having stuff pop up on your dash again as means of bringing things back, I suppose~ 

ANYWAYS, hope you guys don’t mind. //wiggles away to queue stuff up.